shakespeare-cd-coverHERE COMES EVERYBODY: Play: Songs From Shakespeare (2014)
Here Comes Everybody’s new album, on cd and limited edition transparent green vinyl, features the signature pop from the dynamic duo, but takes its lyric content almost entirely from three plays by William Shakespeare.  Is this a first in American pop music? Not sure, but a rare and beautiful bird, nevertheless. 16 brand new songs inspired by the Bard!  CDBaby | iTunes | band camp 

For the limited edition 180 gram transparent green, GO HERE: Music Millennium

HERE COMES EVERYBODY: The Veronica Project (2008)
Here Comes Everybody releases “The Veronica Project”, a collection of 17 brand new songs culled from an amazing first year of writing 6 songs on a single day once every month. The tunes, arranged chronologically by composition, tell the story of a year in the life of Here Comes Everybody, a kind of piano-pop “Four Seasons.” CDBaby | iTunes | bandcamp

HERE COMES EVERYBODY: Submarines (2005)
The band’s newest and most ambitious recording to date, Here Comes Everybody has crafted their own kind of rock opera! A continuous narrative over ten songs, HCE plumbs the depths of the ocean and the psyche. Music for the heart and the brain, indeed! CDBaby | iTunes

HERE COMES EVERYBODY: Astronauts (2001)
Piano Pop that Rocks the Brain and the Soul
CDBaby | iTunes

A 73 minute anthology of pure pop mayhem, “THIRTEEN” is Here Comes Everybody’s huge retrospective covering their career from 1985 to 1998. Follow the band as they evolve through several line-ups and a remarkable range of stylistic and sonic experimentation. CDBaby | iTunes

HERE COMES EVERYBODY: Once More With Feeling (1997)
pop music. It’s eclectic, volatile, and mercilessly memorable. Musicianship abounds. Lyrics include actual ideas. Oh, and lest we forget, as pop rock music goes, it’s very good pop rock music.
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Previous Releases

  • “Hump Day” (1994)
  • “Squish” (1993)
  • “Life, Friend, is Boring” (1992)
  • “Wake” (1991)
  • “Brand New Species” (1987)
  • “Holy Smokes” (1986)